Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Colored Pencil Week Seven

There has been no class for two weeks, so there was no Blog post a week ago. The Homework wall was filled with studies of Dr. Hu, but the instructor forgot to photograph them. Next week. Promise.

We continued to look at techniques using colored pencils, as well as graphite. More we played with vellum. The homework for the week is to continue working on colored pencil drawings and to see what invention the vellum can be used for. 

Beginning a chart of Flesh Tones

Flesh Tones with and overlay of two sketches of Dr. Hu

We looked specifically at a self portrait of John Marin that was done on a transparent piece of paper, as well as one on tracing paper (vellum and parchment).

The reference for the John Marin Portrait

Next Week we welcome Artist Joan Benotti http://www.joanbenotti.com/pages/work_main.html 
to see Joan's Website and 
www.behance.net/jbenotti to see a sample of her nautical charts.  Joan will be guiding us in some techniques for using colored pencils to enhance Nautical Charts.