Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Colored Pencil Week Five

Four Weeks of working with the new medium of Colored Pencils demonstrated how talented and hard working the artists using them are!

The Homework Wall from the Week Four Challenge:

Top Row: Jane Tocco, Marcia Seward, Mary Vetere, Katie Bull
Lower Row: JoAnn Fossa, Linda Harvey, Mary Healy, Pam Price, Chris Dougherty

 Homework Challenge in Week Four week was to simplify the visual images in the Day Lily photo painting realistically or abstractly or anywhere in between. We were treated to a breath taking display.

All of the paintings were done with the 24 pencil Prismacolor Set.

Each Artist met the challenge in a distinctive way, choosing a single motif, a double motif; background or no background.

 After the spirited critique in which a lot of satisfaction with the work and the medium was expressed, we explored ways of putting backlighting into our paintings by using water soluble pencils and sketching from this week's homework challenge.

The Painting Challenge for Week Five is to paint this West Beach Sunset employing  both water-soluble pencils and Prismacolor Premier Pencils.

Despite the new snow, Spring is scheduled to arrive this week. Remember to double click on images you want to enlarge. Thank you for visiting our Garage School of Art/