Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Colored Pencil Week Four

The Homework Challenge from Week Three was to take something from the refrigerator and paint it using only three primary colors. The Homework Wall was ablaze in color with a few renditions of sky and sunset from the previous week's challenge, as well as a very healthy selection of fruits and vegetables from well stocked refrigerators.

Homework Wall; Week Four
Chris Dougherty Broccolini on Strainer
Jane Tocco Apple
Mary Healy Eggplant
The Critique focused on getting the pencils to do what the artists wanted them to do; and on using the materials to produce a balanced result.
Katie Bull Pepper
Mini Exhibit by JoAnne Fossa

"I do not invent the picture. On the contrary I find it already there in nature; I just have to free it." Vincent Van Gogh. After reading a page from the tome Van Gogh The Life by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith concerning the compositional device of simplifying and abstracting, we watched a video produced by the Portland Museum of Art that corresponds to a current exhibit of the work of Lois Dodd: http://youtu.be/fzC8lt168pk

The exercise for the week is to start making a chart for each of the colors in the Prismacolor 24 box.

Beth Shipley
Chris Dougherty
Everyone did the exercise in their own style, introducing Canary Yellow to the colors as they are positioned in the tin.
Katie Bull

Mary Healy

The Painting for the week, as well as the challenge, is to simplify the visual images in the photographs below, painting realistically or abstractedly or something in between.

The day lilies are a happy memory of drawing in the garden last summer, and hope that Spring will arrive early.