Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Grisaille II

Artists Choice: Week three: Grisaille II

Mary Vetere
Linda Harvey
Last Week we turned to our neighbor Stefaan and Nancy's Magnolia tree for inspiration. The homework wall this week sported three Colored Pencil renditions and a finished stone painting.
This week, we turned our attention to other ways to use Grisaille:
grisaille |griˈzī-ˈzāl|
a method of painting in gray monochrome
So say our good friends at the New Oxford American Dictionary
So we turned to the Nocturne Paintings of James McNeil Whistler(1824-1903) where the technique of Grisaille was ratcheted up a notch to include many color biases. 

Applying Whistler's oil painting techniques to Colored Pencil was a challenge, especially so as we had no grey in our pencil case. Starting with the black and white pencils then adding a color bias of blue, green, brown, or red, say......renditions from Impressionist photographs began to emerge.
Ann Pulver 
Katie Bull

Then, in the early evening, the fog horn announced the arrival of a soft fog. The "why" of learning Grisaille.