Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Taste For Modernism

On Friday, May 17th ten of us traveled to the Portland Museum of Art in Portland, Maine to see the exhibit  The William S. Paley Collection: A Taste For Modernism

Pierre-Auguste Renoir Strawberries
Before looking at the homework or making art, we discussed the exhibit at length. The take-aways included the joy of feeling as if we were in William Paley's home viewing the art, even to the color (white) of the walls; the surprise of seeing paintings and works we were familiar with owing to their being masterpieces and the artists, famous; and the drafting skill that undergirded all of the works. A preview of the William S. Paley Collection tells how he collected with a few descriptions and photographs of some of the works.

Next we looked at the homework. Two works from Grisaille II, and two works by the same artist in wax pencils and watercolor pencils.
JoAnne Fossa Amsterdam

Mary Vetere Snow

Chris Dougherty Lillies

Cathy Ebling brought Lilacs and we all worked hard at pushing the medium of watercolor to paint what we were observing. 

The HOMEWORK for the two week hiatus (no school on Memorial Day) is to portray the Lilacs in a way that they deserve: strongly!

Class resumes on June 3rd

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