Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How Green Is My Green

The homework wall was ablaze with bouquets of Lilacs but the Instructor was so dazzled she forgot to take a photo of the work of Linda, JoAnne, Katie, and Mary. They can be seen over the shoulders of   the artists hard at work later in the class.
Mary Vetere is beginning to sketch her most favorite flowers, peonies, brought to class
 by Beth Shipley from her garden.
The peonies as they appeared. More peonies later in the Blog.
From The Pastelist's Year
 We examined the work of two Artists who work in Pastel: Wolf Kahn and Elizabeth Mowry. The similarities and differences, advantages and disadvantages, between pastels and colored pencils was investigated both in the work of the two artists and books each of them have written on the medium: Wolf Kahn Pastels and The Pastelist's Year. Even though the pencil box we are using - Prismacolor 24 Premier Colored Pencils has 4 green pencils, we looked at the work of the artists with an eye to examining the rich ways they depicted "greens" and how convincing they were. (Remember to click on the images to enlarge them)
From Wolf Kahn Pastels

We proceeded to apply the lessons learned from the above named artists with this photograph entitled
House Seen From Bailey Tract
The Demonstration is on Bristol Vellum using Indigo for the drawing, then applying color a la Mr. Kahn. The Palm fronds are Indigo applied to the yellows of the sky. More to come next week.

Time for a tea Break before tackling the project: JoAnne, Cathy (who brought the snack) Katie, Beth Pam Morss, Ann, Mary, Beth, and Pam Price. Welcome company on a rainy morning.

Anne Pulver suggested that in the future we might consider applying the techniques of Georgia O'Keefe. So here is a Peony challenge! For anyone who wants to try.

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