Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rocks, Markers, Paper

Class began with work done by several students, a small sampling of which is presented here owing to the Instructor's lapse until the end of class. Mary Vetere, Linda Harvey, and Chris Dougherty had well received work on the Homework Wall. Fortunately, JoAnne Fossa left behind her work of rocks now completed.

In this rendition JoAnne used a range of color on grey toned paper
highlighting the exceptional
blues and violets in Jill Levine's rocks, lent to us for the classes.

In this rendition JoAnne used a monochromatic palette
of black and white on brown toned paper
calling attention to the form of the rocks.

Katie Bull was able to send a copy of her work 
before the Blog Went to press.

Katie Bull Tackled the Work from last week
 using a strong range of color to render the green vegetation on Bailey Tract
 on Sanibel Island, Florida.

Green Line, ©2013 Laura Meilman

Artist Laura Meilman  has agreed to join us on June 17th for our last class and Annual Luncheon. She will  share her techniques for drawing with colored markers, drawing 
plein air at our iconic Train Station here in Beverly Farms. She has embarked on Project T Scapes, an artistic record of all 121 T stops on the MBTA line recently featured in a Boston Globe Article.
Garden in Malaga, Spain ©2013 Susan Connolly

In anticipation of Ms. Meilman's visit we looked at the sketchbooks of Susan Connolly, (1952-2012) sister of Garage School Artist Mary Ellen Leekley

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